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Three Swimmers’ Fateful Encounter With Hawaii’s ‘Pool of Death’

Three intrepid swimmers decided to brave the notorious “Pool of Death” in Hawaii, also known as the “Queen’s Bath.”

This natural sinkhole is notorious for its volatile tides and is considered extremely hazardous for swimming. Within moments, its waters can shift from tranquility to turmoil, posing a deadly threat.

A photographer present at the scene captured the trio repeatedly leaping into the water, unaware of the ominous twist awaiting them in this enchanting but treacherous pool. As they reveled in their adventure, the water level in the pool experienced a sudden and dramatic drop, followed by a swift rise. Two friends found themselves swept off the safety of the rocks and into the tumultuous water, with the third leaping in to join them.

Struggling against relentless waves, they fought to stay afloat, desperately striving to reach the safety of the rocks. In the video’s conclusion, two of them are observed successfully scaling the stones, but the fate of the third remains uncertain.

Since its initial posting 13 years ago, the video documenting this harrowing incident has garnered 6.5 million views.

Witness the chilling footage below:

The site’s name, the Queen’s Bath, originates from its historical use as a royal bathing place and a sanctuary where local aristocracy, known as the Ali’i, sought respite from the pressures of daily life.Advertisement

Despite the evident dangers, the Queen’s Bath remains a coveted attraction on Kauai, albeit one of the most perilous.

The editors of the Beat of Hawaii tourism website have attested to the treacherous journey to the site, even before considering the actual plunge. Despite authorities’ efforts to install fences, enhance security, and update warning signs, visitors routinely dismantle protective barriers.

The period from fall to spring, when the area’s gates are locked, is when the danger is at its peak. However, this does not deter thrill-seekers. Tragically, for some, this adventure marks their last, with at least five fatalities reported in the past decade and a total of at least 30 known deaths associated with the site.

Source : TheJerusalemPost