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Committee endorses Hawaii attorney general nominee

The Committee on Judiciary and Labor of the Hawaii State Senate has recently endorsed the nomination of Clare E. Connors as the state’s Attorney General. Following a review of her credentials, the committee has recommended her for confirmation by the full senate.

Connors, who was appointed by Governor David Ige in December 2020, is a long-time resident of Hawaii and a graduate of the University of Hawaii’s William S. Richardson School of Law. She has worked in the public sector since the late 1980s, serving as a deputy public defender, an assistant attorney general, and a deputy attorney general.

Connors brings a wealth of experience to her new role, having spent more than three decades in the public sector. She has handled a broad range of cases, ranging from criminal prosecutions to civil matters. Connors has also successfully argued before the Hawaii Supreme Court in several cases.

As the Attorney General, Connors will be responsible for leading the Hawaii Department of the Attorney General and defending the state’s interests in court. She will also be tasked with ensuring the enforcement of laws and providing legal advice to the governor and other state officials.

The committee’s endorsement of Connors’ nomination marks an important milestone in her career. It also marks an important step toward the restoration of public trust in the Hawaii Department of the Attorney General. Connors has expressed her commitment to upholding the state’s laws and protecting the interests of all Hawaiians.

Connors’ nomination will now go before the full senate for a confirmation vote. If confirmed, she will become the first female Attorney General in Hawaii’s history.

The Committee on Judiciary and Labor’s endorsement of Connors’ nomination is a significant moment for the state of Hawaii. The endorsement marks the beginning of a new era for the Department of the Attorney General and for the state as a whole. It is a sign that the state is ready to move forward with an experienced and respected legal professional at the helm.

Source: Sasa Times