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State reports new travel-related case of dengue virus in Hawaii

The state Department of Health on Friday said it received a report of a travel-related dengue virus case in Hawaii.

Officials said the case was reported on Oahu in a person who had recently traveled to countries where dengue is commonly found.

Dengue virus is spread from person to person by mosquitos.

The Health Department said personnel are conducting inspections and are working to reduce mosquito activity in areas of suspected or confirmed dengue.

While Hawaii is home to the type of mosquitos that can carry dengue, officials said the disease is not established in the islands and cases are currently only seen in travelers.

The last confirmed case of locally-acquired dengue in the state was in 2016.

Meanwhile, health officials said reducing mosquito populations lowers the chances of dengue being transmitted to other people.

Symptoms of dengue can include fever, nausea, vomiting, rash and body aches and can be mild or severe. Symptoms typically last up to seven days.

DOH urges residents to eliminate breeding sites around their homes by simply pouring out containers of standing water. Common places include buckets, water catching plants, small containers, planters, rain barrels or even cups left outside.

Source: Hawaii News Now