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Oahu Family Chased in Apparent Road Rage Incident

WAIMANALO (KITV4) — A scary car chase situation for a military family transpired Father’s Day, originating in Waimanalo.

Traveling with her husband and young child, Alice Franco De Steppe stopped at a fruit stand.

From there, the couple believes they were potentially victims of a hate crime. After stopping at the stand, somebody yelled, “You don’t belong here.” Alice’s husband was allegedly assaulted. When trying to leave, the couple says they were chased by multiple cars.

Three cars reportedly chased Alice and her family, it ensued for several miles all the way to Aina Haina Elementary School.

Alice told KITV4 that prior to the chase, “We could not leave the scene, because they were blocking us, in which we called 911 dispatch, for help when we did have a moment to leave the scene.”

Alice added, “We drove about a block or two blocks away, continuing to contact 911 and give them our location – when that occurred, the same people followed us, parked in front of our car, came out of the car with profanities and that’s where the assault happened, the woman assaulted my husband – the male assaulted my husband, after the assault happened, we rolled up our windows of the vehicle, we got out of there.”

“We want to bring light to the public the lack of police action, for the woman that not only endangered our family, but her three small children,” said Alice.

Alice added that her family’s car was rammed into during the chase.

One person was arrested and later released pending an investigation.

Source : KITV