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Honolulu Mayor Signs $4.75B Budget, Including $350 Tax Credit for Homeowner-Occupants

Honolulu Mayor Rick Blangiardi on Friday signed a $4.75 billion budget for the upcoming fiscal year adopted by the City Council — $3.41 billion for operations and $1.34 billion in capital improvements.

The City Council approved the fiscal year 2024 budget earlier this month, which is focused on affordable housing, homelessness, road improvements, community revitalization, and public safety.

It includes a one-time tax rebate for eligible homeowners of $350. Owner-occupants should see the credit reflected in their property tax bills next month.

The Mayor called it real relief for homeowners burdened with higher valuations.

“For a lot of houses on the lower end of the spectrum, that’s really going to mitigate some cases the appreciation they had,” he said.

HPD will also see a significant boost in funding — up almost 14% to $354 million.

Council chair Tommy Waters said by adding $40 million to HPD’s budget, he hopes to see more patrol officers on the streets.

Ocean safety will also receive money to staff 16 more lifeguards. Waters said every city department will see a bump in funding to help fill vacant positions.

“What we did this year is we put the money into the department so that the departments can provide better city services without having to come through the city council for that change. So that was significant,” Waters said.

The budget takes effect July 1st, along with controversial pay raises for city leaders, including the Mayor and Council members.

Council members’ pay will jump 64% to $113,000 a year. Mayor Blangiardi said they earned it.

“The responsibility they have to represent their districts, I think has been underestimated by a lot of people who’ve just focused on the money and not appreciating or understanding only the responsibility, but the amount of hours that go into it in order to do the kind of job that’s important,” he said.

Council budget chair Radiant Cordero submitted a request to the City to decline the recommended raise and keep her current salary. Council members Augie Tulba and Andria Tupola also opposed the raises.

The Mayor’s pay will get a 12.5% bump to nearly $210,000.

Meantime, city officials say they’re working on more tax relief measures.

“As we look at these different measures for ongoing tax relief, we are going to ensure that we all also weigh the fact that we have to balance the budget,” said Council Vice Chair Esther Kiaaina.

Source : Hawaii News Now