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His mother said that Bilal Qurbanaliev “is in Dushanbe, but in detention.”

Bilol Qurbanaliev, a member of “Group 24”, an organization opposed to the Tajik government, who was expelled from Germany, was arrested in Dushanbe.

His mother, Khursandoy Gulomova, informed Radio Ozodi on December 22 that “he is currently in the temporary detention center of the State Committee for National Security”, but they do not know the charges against him and the conditions of his detention.

The authorities of Tajikistan have not officially informed about this.

The representatives of “Group 24” said in a statement on December 8 this year that the German Ministry of Migration deported Bilal Qurbanaliev to Tajikistan on November 24. His whereabouts were unknown for almost a month.

Khursandoy Gulomova, a resident of Sarbandi Khatlon and mother of Bilal Qurbanaliev, told Radio Ozodi on December 22 that “two days ago, her father took food to the Security Detention Center in Dushanbe, and the guards accepted it.”

“In response to our appeal, they said that Bilal Qurbanaliev is here, bring a permit, you can meet. We calmed down a bit. We were very worried,” added Mrs. Gulomova.

His relatives say that they have not yet hired a lawyer for Bilal Qurbanaliev.

This member of “Group 24” moved from Kiev to Germany after Russia’s war with Ukraine and did not have asylum status. In October of this year, he was arrested for violating the rules of residence in Germany.

According to the representatives of the banned organization “Group 24” in Tajikistan, he participated in opposition demonstrations in Berlin during the visit of President Emomali Rahmon. Therefore, they are afraid that in Tajikistan he will be tortured and tortured by the authorities and will be imprisoned for a long time.

In 2022, the authorities of Tajikistan brought nearly a hundred people, including 18 suspects of terrorism and extremism, to Dushanbe from foreign countries, including Russia, and imprisoned some of them for long periods. Not long ago, the chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee of the US Senate criticized the government of Tajikistan for suppressing the opposition inside and outside the country , and asked the authorities to stop this.

Source: Ozodi