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Hawaii Woman Trapped in Gaza Still Seeking Safe Passage Out as Israel-hamas War Rages

In the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas, a woman from Hawaii continues to shelter at a UN compound in Gaza, hoping for permission to travel to Egypt safely.

Ramona Okumura has a team of support reaching out to the Hawaii delegation to D.C.  

“So, this morning Sen. Hirono’s office reached out to us and we were able to speak with one of her representatives there. They insured us they are doing everything they can at the highest levels, with the State Department, with everyone involved. And they said it was hugely beneficial that so many people had called in and voiced their support,” said Ramona’s niece, Erika Okuhara.

Just last week, one of Ramona’s nephews, Nicholas Pang and his wife Jenn, met with Sen. Brian Schatz. They also met with Steve Sosebee, who founded Palestine Children Relief Fund, the organization Ramona was working for on her trip to Gaza.

“We don’t think she is directly a target, but there are certain things that could just happen in transit and in war. And we do really fear for her. And we have heard she can hear and feel the ground shaking, and hearing rockets going,” said another of Ramona’s niece’s, Akemi Hiatt.

Besides all the shelling, Ramona’s family also worries when hearing that relief supplies are at a trickle at best.

“Yes, I believe so because the group she is with, the group of eight aid workers she has been able to secure food and water. And has not needed too much fuel since they’ve been the same place waiting at the border for any news,” Hiatt said.

Ramona’s family hopes that all the appeals will be heard and answered.

“Ramona is with other Americans who are not aid workers, but other American aid workers and International aid workers, and perhaps there could better effort to work with other nations, and make the State Department aware of the number of other Americans that she represents,” Hiatt said.

“In grave peril, it’s very, very dire the situation they are in, for any number of reasons. And I would hope that they would continue to advocate for a cease fire, and the humanitarian aid corridor, as well as the safe evacuations of the American aid workers who are there,” Okuhara said.

Ramona was supposed to leave Gaza on Oct. 12, about two weeks ago.

Source : KITV